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From The Pastor's Pen

(Pastor Evan W. Hill)

December, 2021

Fall 2023


Greetings, beloved community of Memorial United Methodist Church in Franklin, NC,

I am honored and excited to join you as the newly appointed pastor of this faith-filled congregation. My name is D'Andre Ash, and I come to you with a zeal for ministry and a deep love for God's people.

I am a proud graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary, where I was equipped with a strong foundation in theological studies and a heart for compassionate service. Originally hailing from the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, I have been fortunate to experience the rich tapestry of diverse cultures and spiritual traditions that have shaped my ministry.

Beyond my calling as a minister, I am blessed to be a devoted spouse and a parent to a wonderful child. Family is at the core of my values, and I believe in nurturing and supporting each member of our church family as we journey together in faith.

I am eager to get to know you as my neighbor, share stories, and embark on this new chapter together. Let us provoke a bright future as we build a community that reflects the boundless love of God.


D’Andre Ash

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